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UE Artist


Spec Commercial

1st AC, Best Boy


A young woman discovered her insatiable passion for speed. It ignited within her like a wild fire, consuming her senses and shaping her existence. Everywhere she went, her ears craved the exhilarating roar of engines, her eves longed for the blur of landscapes rushing by,

And her entire being hungered to feel the adrenaline coursing through her veins.

Ford spec commercial

Director: Thanh-Long Vo

Executive Producer: Fabian Barba

DoP: Andreas Reuther 

1st AC: Enzo Diego

2nd AC: Boromir Bogumil

Gaffer: An Nguyen

Best Boy, 1st AC: Arthur Baum

Editing: Marvin Kühner

BIG THANK YOU to: Pius Kolba, Seeyourent & Dino.Berlin Filmgeräteverleih for supporting us with equipment!


Skate Cam Operator: Boromir Bogumil

Production Assistant: Murat Bahar

Production Assistant: Lorena Wondruschka

Production Assistant: Joana Brandstetter

Steadicam Operator: Henry Gelhart

Steadicam Operator: Kevin Bose

Spark: Khoi Chau

Precision Driver: Flu Popow

Precision Driver: Patrick Weiß

Stylist: Özge Övül

Stylist: Don Choi

Sound: Andre Goeters

Sound Design: Michael Neuhaus

BTS Videographer: Danny Feng

BTS: Lukas Stumpf

Colors: An Nguyen

Skater: Toni Jahn

Skater: Tuong Nguyen

Extra: Kris Kwiat

Extra: Rebecca Soraya

Extra: Dirk Baumgarten

Extra: Lorena Wondruschka

Other Extras: Dilan, Enes

Brand: @ford @forddeutschland