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Animation, Worldbuilding, Texturing, Lighting & Camera



The official music video for ANNISOKAY’s new single ‘Throne of the Sunset’. Besides the real-life performance shots everything else was assembled by me inside Unreal Engine 5.2. We even took the extra mile and scanned the face of one of the band members and made him the protagonist.

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Throne of the sunset

Concept, Direction & Post Production: Christoph Wieczorek

Camera, Lighting, Worldbuilding, Texturing: Arthur Baum

1st AD and RL DoP: Peter Leukhardt 

Score: ‘Throne of the Sunset’ by Annisokay

Concept Art: Midjourney

Softwares used: Unreal Engine 5.2, Blender 3.6, World Creator, Substance Painter, Metahuman Creator, Metahuman Animator, Polycam,, Marvelous Designer