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UE Artist


Work in progress / Cinematic shortfilm

Concept, Animation, Lighting & Camera, Post Production


The year is 2107: In BRUT the climate crisis has already happened. We follow the story of Quinn, a young activist who finds herself as the voice of the silent. In a dystopian world governed by corporations the last remaining plants and trees are being conserved in enormous brutalist museums, only accessible to the rich and / or devotees of a newly established religion. The story begins as Quinn is infiltrating one of the museums.


Concept: Arthur Baum & Quentin Colus

Screenplay: Dallas Drapeau & Arthur Baum

Camera & Lighting, Post Production: Arthur Baum

Score: Sebastian Zocher

CI Design: Sam

Concept Art: Midjourney

Softwares used: Unreal Engine 5.2, Metahuman Creator, LiveLink, Metahuman Animator, EmberGen, Marvelous Designer, Adobe Substance Painter, Adobe Photoshop, DaVinci Resolve

Character Concept

Worldbuilding Past

Worldbuilding Present

Concept Art/ References