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Annisokay – Throne of the Sunset

annisokay CINEMATIC MUSICVIDEO Animation, Worldbuilding, Texturing, Lighting & Camera   Synopsis The official music video for ANNISOKAY’s new single ‘Throne of the Sunset’. Besides the real-life performance shots everything else was assembled by me inside Unreal Engine 5.2. We even took the extra mile and scanned the face of one of the band members and […]


Speed Spec Commercial 1st AC, Best Boy Synopsis A young woman discovered her insatiable passion for speed. It ignited within her like a wild fire, consuming her senses and shaping her existence. Everywhere she went, her ears craved the exhilarating roar of engines, her eves longed for the blur of landscapes rushing by, And her […]

How to kill a God

HOW TO KILL A GOD Work in Progress / Cinematic 3-part series Concept, Animation, Lighting & Camera, Post Production Synopsis How to kill a God follows the story of Jord, a simple fisherman. Jord barely survives a brutal attack on his village. Destined to find clarity in an unforgiving world he embarks on a Journey […]


VOYAGE CINEMATIC AUDIOVISUAL JOURNEY Concept, Animation, Lighting & Camera, Post Production   Synopsis Ever felt like your mind is drifting away while riding the train and listening to your favorite song? Yeah, me too. With this short I wanted to capture this magical feeling. Entirely made in Unreal Engine 5.0 / 5.1 with Lumen and […]


SKIN LIGHTING STUDY Lighting & Camera, Post Production Synopsis This little clip is based on EPIC Games ML Deformer Sample project. The initial promo video seemed a bit too flat for my taste. So I decided to give it a spin and make a lighting study out of it with reframed camera angles. Background: The […]

Angel of Bravery

ANGEL OF BRAVERY Biopic / Drama Environment, UE Artist Synopsis Angel Of Bravery tells the true life story of Brenda Myers-Powell, who was a prostitute in the streets of Chicago, New York and California for 25 years. She has recorded her experiences in her biography. Through her strength and determination, she not only survived that […]


BRUT (WT) Work in progress / Cinematic shortfilm Concept, Animation, Lighting & Camera, Post Production Synopsis The year is 2107: In BRUT the climate crisis has already happened. We follow the story of Quinn, a young activist who finds herself as the voice of the silent. In a dystopian world governed by corporations the last […]


MIMICRY CINEMATIC AUDIOVISUAL JOURNEY Concept, Animation, Lighting & Camera, Post Production Synopsis Photogrammetry was the name of the game here. ‘Mimicry’ is playful approach to create an opening title sequence to a fictional thriller series. Texturing, destruction sim, lighting and camera was all done inside Unreal Engine. UNREAL ENGINE 5.0 Concept, Camera & Lighting, […]

Talking to Gods

TALKING TO GODS Cinematic short Concept, Animation, Lighting & Camera, Post Production Synopsis One of my first projects made inside Unreal Engine to practice world building, animation and lighting. Never finished due to an unfortunate crash of my hard drive which ultimately resulted in the loss of the project file. Still decided to slap together […]

The Florist

THE FLORIST Worldbuilding / ArchViz Concept, Environment, Lighting & Camera Synopsis The Florist tells the story of an elderly man living in peaceful harmony with his plants despite the fact that the outside world is a dystopian mess. While mostly unaffected by the toxic miasma of the worlds atmosphere the florist does have a dark secret […]